BLOG ... It's time for a blog by little people By Michelle Palmer on March 23, 2018 A Little Introduction..... From as early as I can remember, doing any form of craft and making a huge mess with fabric was a massive part of my life. For the past 20 Years, I have been working towards building up a design business of


Period Planning - for a more Organised Life

We all know that your Menstrual Cycle can affect your mood, concentration, appearance and energy levels.

What if you could plan your life around the ebs and flows of your Menstrual Cycle?
- Work
- Nutrition
- Self Care

Know Your Cycle

It's time to get to know your Cycle.
When I was trying to fall pregnant and on my IVF journey, I would chart my cycle every month. My main focus was on Ovulation and it's signs, but what if we charted our hormone fluctuations and the subsequent affect they have on our life?

What if you could look at your menstrual cycle and know your hormone shifts before they come?
Be prepared for what's coming?
What if you could plan your life to fit your body, and not the other way around.

Start getting to know your body and write down your cycle starting at Day 1 which is the first day of your period. Use a calendar or just print out a few calendar months from google. I prefer to be able to lay them out on paper and have a good look. Most peoples cycles are a regular 28 to 30 days. Write down how you are feeling on each day. What kind of mood are you in? What are your energy levels?

  • Menstrual Phase - Sage - Reflective, Passive & Withdrawn, Subconscious Intuition, Inward Focus & Creativity
  • Follicular Phase - Maiden - Dynamic, Active, Increasing Conscious Awareness
  • Ovulatory Phase - Mother - Ovulation, Expressive, Outgoing, Conscious Reasoning, Outward Focus for  Creativity.
  • Luteal Phase - Enchantress - Wild Woman, Pre Menstrual, Creative, Active, Increasing Subconscious  Awareness.

Get off the Hamster Wheel

- You can schedule exercise when you have the energy for it and not feel guilty on the days you don't.

- You will know when to extend yourself and cook extra meals and freeze them for when you don't feel like cooking and then end up eating rubbish.

- You can focus on self care when your body needs it.

- You can plan when you spend time being creative.

Cycle Planning

Menstrual PhaseMenstrual Phase - This is the time for inner processing, for letting go of emotional stresses, embracing new creative ideas and writing them down, taking time for self care and eating the wholesome food you made for yourself in the Luteal Phase. Time to rest. Time to do some quiet reading. If you're a Mum, don't plan all of the play dates in this phase. Plan craft time at home or movie time. This is not the time for building obstacle courses in your back yard or doing a mountain bike ride with your kids. 

Follicular PhaseFollicular Phase - Time for getting up and going for a walk in the morning. This is when your mental creativity starts to kick in again - learn something new - start a new language. Write out your meal plan for the month now or fill in your cleaning schedule for the month. Clean out your linen press. Put in a new vege garden. Get on top of your paperwork. Write out a new budget. Find a new workout on u-tube. 

Ovulatory PhaseOvulatory Phase - Time to focus on your relationships. Have that talk you have been putting off. Really sit down and have one on one chats with your kids. Catch up on your to do list. Do some baking and pop it in the freezer for those mornings you can't manage to get school lunches together.

Luteal PhaseLuteal Phase - This last phase in your menstrual cycle is time for getting your creative juices flowing. Use your energy to prepare yourself for your Sage cycle. Look at any problems you have in your life and put the steps in place to solve these. Be assertive in what you need in life. Think outside the square and make a difference. Meal prep and plan. Freeze that big pot of hearty stew for the downtime when you need to take some rest from the craziness of life. Step back and look at your business. What can you do to improve things - can you put new systems in place to make the rest of the month run on a calmer frequency.



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A BIT ABOUT little people

I haven't written a blog before, so I'm just going to start with this little introduction about myself. I’m a mother of 4 children, ranging from 2 to 20 years of age. My children are the definition of chaotic individuality and challenge me in every way possible.
My Mum taught me to sew when I was about 10 years old, and I am so grateful to have had this hobby to fall back on through out my life. That hobby has turned into a passionate obsession over time. ‘Little People’ has been in the making from as early as I can remember. I started the brand two decades ago and have been working on it ever since. Alike most Mums, I’ve struggled recently to maintain a work/home life balance, but have done my best to keep ‘Little People’ moving forwards throughout the years. I’ve been working hard recently, to refresh my brand, because I can’t move past my passion for design or my love for creating something different.

I am now lucky enough to have my own studio and while it’s been a hectic few months, the re-launch is here and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I have a dream for my brand and in amongst juggling all that needs to be done, I find a little bit of time each day (translation; I work past midnight most nights and lock myself in the bathroom to answer emails when possible) to turn my childhood dream into a reality. I appreciate all who have followed ‘Little People’ over the years, and welcome those who have just joined us on our never dull journey. I hope you find solitude in my mayhem and humour in my chaos, after all, what’s life without a little disarray. 

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