Well I think it's finally time for Little People to start a blog.... My Little People are getting a little bit bigger and I'm finding a little bit more Mummy time ..... I could use that time to paint my nails or pluck my eyebrows, but instead, I'm putting more time into my obsession,
My Children's Clothing Label - Little People. 

A Little Introduction.....
From as early as I can remember, doing any form of craft and making a huge mess with fabric was a massive part of my life. For the past 20 Years, I have been working towards building up a design business of my own. 
Now that my littlest is almost three and enjoying a bit of daycare, I can spend time in my studio sewing some little outfits for all of your Little People.
We live on the Stunning Sunshine Coast, QLD and I draw on the beautiful Australian Summer and my love of anything Vintage and Boho for my inspiration. I love working with natural colours and Fibres, and Beautiful Laces and Feathers.  
     "Little People - A little bit Vintage, A Little Bit Boho"
My head is constantly full of new design ideas (in a slightly manic way - ha ha)  and it's not unusual for me to be on the sewing machine at 4am, with a cup of coffee, my ugg boots and netflix on....  Ahh, that is pure Mummy time bliss for me...... but the best  part of this process is seeing my design ideas being worn by all of your Little People... I still remember the first time I saw a little girl walking towards me in the street wearing something I had made........ so rewarding... and so is seeing all of the amazing images from some of my favourite photographers and gorgeous little models. Click on the link below to head to our Photographers Photo Gallery. ​https://littlepeopledesigns.myshopify.com/pages/gallery
March 23, 2018 — Michelle Palmer

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